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Speedpaint - Airi -

by kingk8



Um yeah first time uploading a speedpaint in like 2 years lmao Some random girl I drew and I gave her a name... This took a lot of experimenting because what I did was instead of doing the lineart and then coloring in layers underneath, I did the sketch and after putting in the base colors/some basic shading, I rendered everything else in one layer above the sketch/lineart layer. It took me around 3 hours-ish... But I procrastinated and only worked on it like one hour a day so I finished the drawing in a span of 3 days lol. The background was an image I took off Google because I decided I didn't want to draw one myself .-. Music: Editing: Davinci Resolve 16 Drawing: Photoshop
08/14/2020 - (3 years ago)
Lol this doesnt exist yet.

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